The Wing Shelf was designed to be gently integrated to the interiors. Taking advantage of modularity, its pieces form subtle and dynamic connections, generating an infinity of geometric compositions. Its perforated base allows the variation of the brackets position, which makes each choice a unique creation.



Shelf composed of pine wood

base and steel brackets

17 x 64 x 22cm  (H x D x W)


Three simple complementary pieces and in perfect balance are the key of this product. An unusual, simple and well resolved structural system guarantees an elegant and delicate look to the piece, highlighting the characteristics of the materials and their unique design. Through a precise fit the steel frame attaches to the concrete base only by a pin, joining all the pieces in a single structure.



Steel frame wall mirror
and concrete base

50 x 50 x 7cm  (H x W x D)


This project was born from the necessity of creating a green wall without the complexity of the traditional one. From a single module you can create a three-dimensional panel with most varied combinations, filling with green any empty wall. Its irregular shape allows flexible compositions according to taste, purpose and destination.


Steel structure with electrostatic painting finishing connected by polypropylene rope; concrete bases.
51 x 56,5 x 25,5cm  (H x W x D)


Thought for a more dynamic and interactive life,  Up! was designed to be an unconventional stool. With a different and innovative concept, it serves as a dynamic support for any moment: at home in a meeting with friends as well as in creative or corporate environments, encouraging the exchange of experiences.


Stool made of white coated MDF
72,5 x 38,9 x 34,9​ (H x W x D)


This table aims to be a clean furniture, highlighting the beauty of wood. The search for a clean aesthetic was the motivator of its unconventional structure – its pieces, made of pine wood, are neither glued nor screwed, all of them have imperceptible fittings and four wing nuts lock the structure, enhancing the clean look of the set.


Table made of pine wood with water-based varnish finishing.
40 x 32 x 32cm (H x W x D)


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Based in São Paulo, Estúdio Parrado designs and manufactures contemporary interior products through the innovation of processes and focus on a clean, simple and original aesthetic.
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